Safeticket Python API script

Udgivet 2016-10-09 - Skrevet af Philip Sørensen

During my time as IT responsible for Student Society at Aalborg University we got a new webshop through Safeticket. This new webshop brought a lot of opportunities, but most importantly, for the first time in a long time it didn't crash at the beginning of the school year when people were buying tickets for the huge party held every year to welcome the new students. 4-5 thousand people attend this party, so it is quite a number of tickets being sold, easpecially during the last few days. For fun I wanted to make a script that played the Mario coin sound each time a ticket was sold, so I made this Python script.

Note that the method for playing the sound may be OS specific. I developed the script to run on Ubuntu using the program mpg321 to play sound. The sound I used can be found here: Mario coin sound.
# This is a script made to play a sound each time a ticket# was sold to a huge party being held at AAU with around# 4-5 thousand people. # Runs on Ubuntu with mpg321 installed.## Information about the API accessed can be seen here:# Author: Philip Sørensen	E-mail: script@ppsa.dkimport hashlib, json, os, subprocess, sys, time, urllibimport xmltodict# Information needed for start query. # Removed due to security concerns. version = '1'user = ''events = ''orderid = ''sequence_number = ''t1 = ''t2 = ''secret = ''url = ''while True:	# Make the SHA256 hash required.	string = version + ":" + user + ":" + events + ":"	string = string + sequence_number + ":" + t1 + ":"	string = string + t2 + ":" + secret	sha = hashlib.sha256(string.encode('utf-8')).hexdigest()	# Insert query parameters and get response.	params = urllib.parse.urlencode({		'version': version,		'user': user,		'events': events,		'sequence_number': sequence_number,		't1': '',		't2': '',		'sha': sha	})	params = params.encode('ascii')	req = urllib.request.Request(url, params)	with urllib.request.urlopen(req) as response:		response =	# I am not a fan of XML, so I convert to JSON. 	json_object = json.dumps(xmltodict.parse(response))	json_object = json.loads(json_object)	# Check if the last order is new and play a sound if it is. 	try: # Try except because JSON response may be null.		num = len(json_object['orders']['order']) - 1		lastorder = json_object['orders']['order'][num]		if lastorder['orderid'] > orderid:			orderid = lastorder['orderid']			print(lastorder['time'] + ' ' + lastorder['name'])			with open(os.devnull, 'wb') as devnull:					subprocess.check_call(['mpg321', 'mario.mp3'],						stdout=devnull, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)	except:		pass		time.sleep(15)


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